Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Marcus Gilbert

A long time ago someone asked me who my favorite actor was and me being the anti anything normal and girly thoughts said the old guy Mickey Rooney was my favorite actor but not so anymore: Marcus Gilbert is an amazing actor and my current favorite of all time. Ever seen the movie Legacy - the church movie? That's my favorite movie that he's in and then A Hazard of Hearts. He's just amazing; he acts the part of gentleman easily and so well . . . it makes me wish he had been born 40 years later.

One of my favorite quotes from A Hazard of Hearts was when he talks to young Serena and asks her whether she loves her cousin Nicholas and would rather marry him, she responds and tells Lord Vulcan (Gilbert) that he is in love with another lady. Then Vulcan asks if she has anyone and she responds "I am in love with no one my lord." Then with an almost coy look on his face he asks her "Shall I make you fall in love with me?" She looks at him with a mixture of surprise and fear on her face and then runs off into her room where she closes the door but peaks through a crack later to watch him walk away. Such a splendid film.

Then another favorite part of mine is where she overhears Lord Wrotham and Lady Vulcan (Justin - Gilbert)'s mother talking and plotting how to get rid of her but to gain her dowry and she runs off and runs into Justin and surprises both of them but seeing that it's him (Gilbert) she clings to him hugging him, as he is her only friend in that hostile house while he asks her what's the matter. It's just so romantic. I love it.

And then the scene where he finds out that she knows all their secrets and she offers her hand as agreement that she wont tell anyone and he examines her hands . . . tender

And then another time when . . . well haha might as well just watch it right? Right. But here's my favorite fanmade music video - love the song and love the movie so it's great -

And then if you want to watch the actual film - it's also on youtube in parts (that's how I watched it . . . couldn't find it at the library) Anyway - it was great. :)

Last words: I love Marcus Gilbert ;)



Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with you more. He is so amazing and the movie "Hazards of the heart" will be long lasting. Some moments of the film touch everybody's heart who have watched it. Life may change, but the spirit of the film will live forever.

Raajs said...

I also agree with you
I loved this movie,I saw this movie when i was a teenager
end loved Marcus Gilbert what a hotty!

MGFansite said...

How wonderful to find more Marcus fans. Please do come and visit the fansite, and join us on Facebook - we have a Marcus Gilbert fansite group and you'd be very welcome. :)

Anonymous said...

wow what a actor....

Anonymous said...

I have to say he is the MOST amazing actor in the world, until now and forever! Ive watched that movie since i was 13, and i still remember his face plus the quotes. And now when i am watching it again, his voice touches my heart. Oh my God i cant find any man who has the way of speaking, walking as a gentle man like him. And if you all watch the movies A Ghost In Monte Carlo you will find out how amazing he is!

Anonymous said...

Agree. I love A Ghost in Monte Carlo but it's not on youtube anymore. Can only watch A hazard of hearts there.

Anonymous said...

Last night and many days before i watched A Ghost In Monte Carlo in this website: http://hntv.me/movies/a-ghost-in-monte-carlo-online-free-i8ba.html

Can only say he is PERFECT! :-)

Simona said...

And here I was, trying to find some recent news about one of my beloved actors, Marcus Gilbert... thinking that everybody forgot all about him, wonderring where he'd disappeare, and then I discover more fans here. How I like him in HAZARD OF HEARTS - without equal! With such class, special presence and it gives to the movie a type of... unique fragrance, I'd say.

Marisa said...

I saw Marcus Gilbert in A Hazard of Hearts and wondered
what a handsome actor he is. He would have made a perfect
role of Mr. Darcy of Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen!
All the actors chosen to portray Mr.Darcy weren't handsome
at all! How come those directors never thought of Marcus

Rosered🌹 said...

I just love this movie, I just finished watching it now I had a great movie day 👍