Tuesday, October 25, 2011


why did i have to change my blog address? let's just say the world is full of bad guys. it's really not important the in depth story but just a warning to all you young girls out there; don't always trust people the way you wish you could. not everyone is deserving of that pure trust that you are capable of giving them. they will misuse it. and when that happens, your privacy and sometimes your safety are at risk. you will get hurt.

there is some very personal information on my blog that if you compiled it all you could totally make a stalker profile for me. you can even find out where i live if you tried hard enough. so because there are evil people out there who i would like to avoid and divert, i am going to attempt to remove all personal info like that, also avoid personal stuff that could be potentially harming and i am also asking something of you. please, if you know me personally don't link yourself to my blog. i know that sounds kind of snobbish but if one of those people who are the cause for my needing to change my blog address are also reading your blogs, and you're connected to mine...i'll just have to keep changing the URL which you have no idea is a HUGE pain in my rear end.

so keep my interests at heart; this really doesn't apply to those people who don't know me personally {in which case a shoutout to those readers, i seriously love your guts, because not only do you read my thoughts but i read your blogs as well and enjoy all of them!}

anyway; be careful with other people's privacy, don't do drugs...eat your vegetables...you know the routine ;P

Thanks everyone!

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