the girl

when first you meet me i'm one of two things, really friendly or super shy. it really depends on the circumstances, although recently it has become the first one. i find that it is easier to just be myself right off the bat, because believe it or not, i really love people.

and i love to write, and to share my thoughts, which is why i'm writing on this blog in the first place. i find that the best way to clear my mind is to record what it's thinking. and sometimes i just love the artistic things i can do with my blog design. not gonna lie.

i'm a little crazy, i love lots of different things and can usually find something in common with most people. i love having adventures and new experiences but i also love the comfort of home and the things i know. girl talk is boring and i have my own digital camera that i don't use often enough.

life has been rough but who can't say that? we have all experienced our own ups and downs and i'm just no different, although i'm different for having experienced the ones i have. i will admit...mine are a little unique.

i mean, how many people can say that their parents got divorced, and then remarried to each other? or that they have moved a lot but never very far until this last time, which happened to be just before my senior year in high school? or that they happen to come across a phantom of their past up in salt lake city, when least expected?

not many people.

oh and who can say that they've fallen in love with their best friend, unexpectedly? who can say that he is honestly the man of their dreams? {but of course that is a story you will have to read more about...along the way, as it is not finished.}

like i said, we all have a story to write. and mine? is signed:

love you, always.

kaylla white