Bucket List

ride a horse on the beach

name my children names from my family history

fall in love - stay in love

draw a beautiful picture out of sidewalk chalk

send a present to a soldier

get accepted to USU

visit the Benson Bridge in Oregon

become a true aggie {if you know what that means, five points to gryffindor!}

be kissed in a lightning/thunder storm

watch lightning strike sand, dig up the glass

celebrate st. patrick's day in ireland

go to chile and climb a hill

be snowed in

see "the phantom of the opera" live

have "an affair to remember" experience

carve our names in a tree

grow my own food and live on the land for a year

have a snowball fight with fun people

go on a road trip once a year to a new place

learn to play any song by ear on the guitar

perform in the ellen eccles theater in logan

attend a real masquerade ball

visit the Asiago Plateau in Italy

spend the summer at a boat house next to the ocean

go to the four corners

eat an octopus (a little one)

stop people who are gossiping

camp out on the beach

go skydiving

kiss under the mistletoe

go scuba diving

have a timeless wardrobe that speaks "me."

write a letter to myself and open it in 10 years

marry my best friend in the Payson Utah Temple

go rock climbing and repelling

watch baby turtles hatch

go to a rodeo

go to a christina perri concert

ride an elephant in taiwan

write something in wet cement

make an important decision with a coin toss

serve an LDS mission

ride in a hot air balloon

have a photo shoot with my best friends

chase after the end of a rainbow

have a song dedicated to me

rake a pile of leaves and jump into it

go on a blind date

sleep under the stars

ride in a helicopter

kiss someone at the top of a ferris wheel

travel across the U.S. by car

kiss someone in the fountain of love in Italy

make a complete stranger smile and laugh

receive my favorite flowers from a young man

pay for a stranger's groceries

be someone's valentine/have one

learn to knit

have a dance party in the pouring rain

visit nauvoo

make a difference

inspire someone

put my gum on the great gum wall of seattle

go on an entirely awkward date

go parasailing

ride in a firetruck

eat healthy for longer than a week

start an exercise routine

see a play on broadway, in NY

ride on the back of a motorcycle with an attractive man

invent something and build it from scratch

be kissed unexpectedly

new year's kiss

save someone's life

slow dance in the rain with my true love

overcome a fear

save a kitten

walk across the beach collecting sea-shells

drive down route 66

go to times square

catch a firefly

go to a girl's choice dance

climb to the top of Angel's Landing

ride and own a bullet bike

jump into a pool fully clothed

feed a homeless person a nice meal

play mud soccer

mud wrestle

ride first class

dance with my dad at my wedding

get photobooth pictures with my best friend

ride a galloping horse

re-enact the hill scene from Princess Bride with my husband

get white washed

white wash them back

own a nice camera

tip a cow

hike the Payson "P" mountain and watch the sunset

become fluent in french, spanish, italian, portuguese

oh and sign language too

skin a rabbit

see the ocean, east and west coast, sunrise and sunset

watch a meteor shower

plant a maple tree at my first real home

be in two places at once

run a marathon

visit every single temple in the world

send a message in a bottle, cast it into the ocean

make and important decision with a coin-toss

write a book

have 8 children

ride on a gondola in venice

search for the wild horses in the west desert of utah

live in Florence, Italy for three months or longer

own a pair of cowboy boots

find a four leaf clover in Ireland

learn to swim

fly an airplane

drive a Lamborghini, once.

be entirely debt-free and self-sufficient

watch baby turtles hatch

ride in a hot air balloon

see the northern lights

have a food fight, and a cake fight - with the frosting

be kissed under a fireworks display

create a time capsule and then open 20 years later

get truly lost and find my way back home

release a balloon full of wishes

move into an apartment with my best friend

die with no regrets

{if i repeated anything let me know...i just compiled a bunch of my old lists and a few other things i have heard of and it's hard to see which ones were already there. thanks!}

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