Thursday, November 1, 2012


last night i had a bad dream.

a spider was on the front side of the back of my chair.

its body was so small, but had legs that expanded at least four inches in each direction.

i woke up in a cold sweat and ran to my mom's room.

i barely remember going back to my room, her turning on the light and telling me that there was no spider there.

that it must have been a dream.

or rather, a nightmare.

i remember her asking me whether i squished it in my dream.

that's an odd question you might think.

but in my family, i guess it's not.

apparently there's this superstition that if you dream about spiders, it's telling of something bad that is about to happen.

if you kill the spider, then it won't happen.

purely nonsense.

but then why am i not afraid of spiders in reality...and i'm terrified of them in my sleep?

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motherhuburd said...

Hey, come on!...It's not a superstition it's a theory of dreams and what it is is that your subconsciousness senses something difficult for you to handle and your dreams interpret it as a spider and why I ask if you killed it -what that act symbolizes is how you'll tackle whatever it is that is troubling you and you'll overcome it...