Thursday, November 1, 2012


sometimes he and i will start randomly talking to each other in spanish, him better than me of course because i haven't practiced in three years and because he works with spanish men every day of the week. some epic moments include the part where i have no idea how to say what i want to say so i try to use the closest synonyms i do know and it ends up being something like "very happy two days" when i was trying to tell him that i was really excited to see him in two days. yah...something like that.

and someday, {no matter what happens in the future}, i really want my children to be multilingual. portuguese, french, spanish and whatever language i end up serving in. my husband and i would start with english but slowly once they get ahold of that language, we would start speaking a foreign language at home. during the years when it's just my husband and i, he could teach me his mission language and him, mine. i know we could do it.

and y'know what? life has so many adventures ahead of me, and y'know what else? i am so, so excited!

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