Wednesday, August 8, 2012

nothing interesting. i pinky swear.

have you ever noticed that a post is usually much more interesting or inviting if you have a picture to go along with it? i have. especially on my blog dashboard reader where i can skim over the interesting titles and such of each recent post of all my blogs i follow. i usually will skip right over the ones without a picture because honestly...words are so boring looking.

so here. enjoy that.

oh and have you ever noticed the beauty of getting the things done that you said you would? take me for instance. my sprinklers spray nasty hard water all over my windshield at night and then the hard minerals get fried to the melted sand {also known as glass} and make it impossible to see and thus making it 60% more likely that i will be in an accident. but, guess who took the initiative and sprayed her windows with vinegar and then wiped them down again with windex.

i love sparkly, visible-through car windows. happiness right there.

oh and also coming home and realizing your sister gave you a drink without making you pay her for it. that was nice and very refreshing, even if it had bananas in it {because everyone knows that bananas are way too heavy to be in drinks...silly...}

and i've decided that basketball shorts and flip flops are the best combination for an afternoon off work. i didn't realize that not being able to wear shorts to work would be so hard for me. it is very very hard for me.

one of my brother's best friends and one of my best friend's brother is back from Indonesia. my family will be going to his homecoming talk this sunday and i am so very very excited. and nervous. i get nervous going to that ward due to bad memories of one red-haired boy and being surrounded by far too many cheerleaders who helped me make my life miserable.

i think that will be an interesting story. but i guess we shall see.

guess who got two dollars in tips today. yah i know not very much but it still made me happy. if i get another tip tomorrow night and the night after that i might go and buy myself a calzone. they smell good and they are much cheaper than buying a whole pizza.

getting my food handler's permit is so tedious. i hate that i had to pay $26 for that silly course.

there's going to be a meteor shower on sunday and monday night. i wish it were saturday night, because i really like watching shooting stars with my best friend.

i'm sure that those are all the random thoughts i have had today {besides the fact that i need to go do my laundry but you really didn't care to know that, did you.} so i hope you enjoyed that. and if not, that's okay too. i usually write for myself, and sometimes for you.

but today i was just writing to write.

and like i said - nothing interesting. i pinky swear.

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