Sunday, June 24, 2012

lifeguard candybar story

here's an interesting story that i remembered recently.

when little girls in my religion are about 8-11 they have this church group that prepares them for a more intense and older version of the same thing. basically girls who live in the same area of the same religion get together to work on a religious packet...thing.

well my group once went and sat on the ground in front of the closest temple, mt. timpanogos. there our activity-day leader brought out a wide collection/variety of candy bars. she told each of us to choose one, our favorite one. i can't quite remember but if we wanna be honest, i probably grabbed a butterfinger...but for some strange reason i remember a red wrapper.

anyway. one by one she told each of the girls to lift that extra flap where the ingredients and stuff like that is listed. under each one was a description of a man. each one was unique, differing occupations, physiques, character and religious involvement. as each girl opened hers, the others would comment. they would coo jealously or lovingly snicker when one girl got the chubby but rich dude.

i was a little bit of an odd-ball. i was also really nervous to read mine. i guess you could say i was a little bit of a little miss contrary. i didn't know what i wanted either.

so when i opened mine and a strong, toned and tan, tall dark handsome life-guard guy with a strong testimony was described, i went red in the face. i didn't want him. anyone but him. all the girls wanted mine. and honestly i said they could have him, i just wanted the butterfinger. i quietly joked that since i didn't even know how to swim {still don't by the way...meh} that guy in real life would never even take a second look at me. they girl-comforted me and moved on the the next person.

although the idea of an actually attractive guy caring about me weirded me out at that time in my doesn't now. back then i expected to marry some nerd who held his hands at his side awkwardly. but if figured, if i fell in love with him...he'd be perfect. now as i realize that my best friend is all of what that candy-bar predicted except the occupation isn't that, rather a sport he loves and is really good at.

it's just kind of crazy, y'know? the first man i've ever really gotten to know like this...

there's my interesting, odd, candy-bar love story. wow, you don't use those words in the same sentence very often.

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