Sunday, June 24, 2012

called to serve....

two days ago {sorry i'm late} he got his call. i was invited to be there to share that moment with him. i was nervous, excited, full of excitement and yet trepidation although i'm not entirely sure why.

he's been called to serve in the brazil vitoria mission. he leaves november 28th. he will be teaching in the portuguese language and will go straight to the brazil mtc.

two years.

so much can happen and change in two years and yet...some things never change. for example? i know he will still be my best friend when he comes home. we may not ever finish all of our plans but i know that i will always have a friend in him. and he will have the same in me.

i'm so thankful for missionaries and friends who serve missions. all my boys are getting ready to leave, five of my friends already have their calls and i have three out serving. in a sense this is harder than sending off my real brothers because i had to love and miss them {but did anyway!}

God be with you my friend. know that He will always love and care for you. I trust Him with my whole heart. i know that He will take care of us.

we just need to trust.

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