Wednesday, June 27, 2012

i'm glad

i'm glad that the pennies in my coin box out-number the quarters and the pins.

i'm glad that when all's said and done...i'm not a failure after all.

i'm glad that the majority of paper in the world is white. not pink.

i'm glad that i have a job.

i'm glad that i have sweet and not sugary smelling deodorant.

i'm glad that my music consists of mostly soft tunes from when i was younger.

i'm glad that my brothers now treat me like an adult now. for the most part (:

i'm glad that i know at least two of the people at my new job.

i'm glad that my best friend is still that even though i rarely see him anymore.

i'm glad that i don't have as many people upset with me as i usually do today.

i'm glad that i can look back on the past and say to myself...that was a silly mistake. and move on.

i'm glad that i'm not one of those boy-crazy girls who wears only pink.

i'm glad i have someone upstairs who cares about me.

i'm glad that i have so many things to be glad about.

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