Friday, February 24, 2012

lovely afternoon, lovely day.

i may have skipped 4th period today. but that's fine; study hall is basically just falling asleep in the library waiting for the bell to ring anyhow. and i wasn't feeling so great either.

and then seth told me he was going to radioshack. so i went along.

mr bohling saw us heading out which was slightly funny. i've heard he's such a stickler for the rules but i'm pretty sure he knew we were "sluffing." he still let us go. oh fun (:
so we were off.

with laughs and a warm day to enjoy away from the tightness and restrictions of school we laughed to our heart's content.

we saw an old car (probably from the 50s, and original...not a remake) and it was so shiny and beautiful! we decided we would drive back the same way, just to see it again.

at radioshack we didn't find anything that he was looking for, sadly. but that's okay. it was still worth it.

on our way back we drove by the car again...only this time we took a detour and got this creeper picture. {yes, he is such a wonderful boy...he drove back just for me when i remembered i had my camera}. the most wonderful part of all was watching the old couple who got inside of it, the old man opening the door for his wife and then ever so slowly climbing into the front seat to drive. people like them, they inspire me.

i may have practiced a little more my creeping skills. he didn't know i was taking this picture. until that is, i was laughing for no apparent reason and then he looked down into my lap where my camera was happily snapping away. i caught his smile. this picture makes me so happy.

oh and then we stopped and got 40 cent ice cream {yes, it went from 38 to 40 cents. rip off.} haha and it was warm this time? i love getting ice cream with him. he always finishes first. he bit off the bottom and sucked the melting cream through the back and then finished it off that way. i was shocked. who does that?! he does. i love it.

we went back to school and we talked in the hallway. i sat down on the floor because i felt...sick...{i didn't want to lose my ice cream cone.} but then Seth gave me a ride home.

it was quite lovely.

and that evening was lovely and wonderful as well. Peter Pan, pizza, puzzles...poking...i just realized that...they are start with "P". hm. yes, it was quite the lovely day.

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