Tuesday, September 20, 2011


there's something magical about dancing in and of itself. just the whole romantic idea. of course, if you're dancing with someone who is totally awkward, won't talk, thus is hard to dance with...it's not quite so magical. in fact, it's the worst kind of awkward.

i imagine the best dances are those with a couple twirls involved. guys might think we girls get dizzy {and some do...} but i can honestly say it makes me so happy and just very good feeling inside when they spin me around. maybe it's something of that feeling of not being connected to the world anymore. who knows, but it's magical.

i imagine someday dancing with that man who has changed my life, who i love more than anything and anyone else in the entire world except God Himself. something just seems so right about that idea. i hope he isn't afraid to twirl me, and doesn't make it so i have to ask him to do it. right here right now, i give him permission to do it without my asking.

what can he lose right?


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