Monday, September 12, 2011

old man grocery cart.

y'know those old person grocery scooters at wal-mart? this video is from prom night my junior year...last year (: haha. it seems so long ago. weird huh? anyway - thanks austin for getting this to me! means a lot. {Post script} for those who don't know - i'm the one in the blue dress, madison was my boyfriend and he's the one driving the cart. chelsea is the other girl and austin was recording. we had the best group. after this video was ended we continued to drive all the way to the front of wal-mart where madison didn't just lift me out, but carried me wedding-style into the store.

imagine that girls (: i'm a romantic at heart. i sighed too.

anyway - hope you enjoy my trip down memory lane. when austin first sent it to me i like...couldn't stop watching it, just kept pushing replay (:



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