Thursday, September 15, 2011

the better sides of people ;P

i like setting a mood for my posts recently:

yesterday and today were the perfect example of what my seminary teacher said the other day. girls are like rollercoasters. wow. yesterday was exhausting but had a lot of wonderful almost everything that could go wrong went wrong.

ultimate goal for this post is brevity; only those things upon which it is necessary to expound upon will i do so because...well lets just say the things i wish i could REALLY talk about are...not entertaining in the least. {i try to avoid woe-is-me posts in other words}

yesterday interesting experience. i went to my locker and on my way back and heading toward AP Lit upstairs i saw this kid throw off his backpack. at first i thought he was totally joking but these two kids started full out throwing punches. i ran almost right into them, and one nearly pushed the other right into me. i was so scared and traumatized that i ran as fast as i could to my class and nearly started to cry. i have never seen anyone actually fight in anger...never.

there was one moment, a lightning second where i was in the corner up against the wall before mrs dunn broke up the fight where i remember thinking, wanting, madison to be there and "save me" went through my head. because he would know what to do. maybe i was crying for more reason than one. or maybe i always felt safe around him, thus when i didn't feel safe...i thought of him. anyhow.

lucky for me i got three Brian hugs that day. i always thought cynthia gave the best hugs...and she does give amazing hugs, but i have never met anyone to beat brian for hugs. he loves hugs almost as much as i do. we are also now officially friends; facebook says so. haha

i wore colorful socks...dunno why, sometimes i'm just a weirdo i guess. singers/choir was tiring...i've just been really tired recently i guess.

lunch time: the time of day i look forward to every single day now. sometimes i dreaded it, because a lot of my friends have certain choir meetings during lunch which leaves me alone; but now i have made great friends with the boys who don't ever leave that place and i like it. in fact yesterday there were only boys in there, one girl but she was reading a book and i don't even know her name. it was just me, sean, seth and chris{topher} (: which...leads to the next story...

{sidenote: chris and seth say lunch prayers. i admire them for that. today i did too. it made my nearly drop-horrible day one good moment better...}

i was minding my own business. not really, if you know me, you know i'm nosier than an ant-eater. anyway we were talking, lots and lots, i love talking to guys - they're not... judgmental like girls are and never take offense, all of which came in handy later. this girl {don't remember her name} came dressed up as the Mad Hatter {homecoming theme is Alice in Wonderland - that day was character day} and she looked AMAZING! so seth or someone said that someone really should take a picture so i whipped mine out and took one.

then i remembered my goal to get pictures of my boys for the auction off {read about - end of post} by the way for which i am adding craig because he cyber stalks me and i don't want to leave him out ;P so i told the three of the boys to pose for me. sean and chris like good boys face me and i'm ready to take a threesome shot, but seth says something about why not catch a picture of his better side so they all start turning around and as they're there like that without skipping a beat i said something to the effect of "well if that's your better side seth, would you like me to go lower?"

i didn't end up taking that picture, just so you know. or any picture for that matter. seth and i burst out laughing and once it kicked in, so did the other two. seth is the "french kissing" friend i told you about this time. i swear we were both so red in the face and laughing so hard we were going to be sick. sean loved how i didn't even skip a beat to say it, seth told me about how his family would love me. i liked that, and poor poor chris, he's so good and innocent almost it feels like and hilarious in his own way with his tenor voice...haha it was just classic. it's funny because i knew i was saying it, i knew i wanted to say it...but my brain didn't censor it coming it came out very...well, at least they laughed.

if i mention embarrassing moments with seth or pictures or cameras we both just laugh...oh man. too funny...

then we said bye to sean and chris, sean telling me how i had put them all in a wonderful mood {which he has no idea, totally made me feel so so good inside} and then seth and i walked to my next class. i was so embarrassed and apologized for my embarrassing behavior and he said he loved my sense of humor or something like that, how his family really would love me. i spent my TA period very happily... i like people who make me feel good like those three.

then in stats i got another hug from brian. love that guy, he's so nice to me (: makes my day every time. then jason came around for a hug and brian and i shook our heads and brian gave me another hug, we fake cuddled for a little bit. it was too funny especially jason's face - you had to have seen it. haha, love it.

after class and before Fiddler practice i talked mostly to guys again. dunno what it is but i have never ever had so many guys as friends as i have this year, and felt more comfortable around them than around anyone else. sean, craig, alex and this other guy who is in my seminary class but whose name is slipping my brain right now. when that kid left to go somewhere it was funny, i couldn't hear what he said but sean told me that he said "and goodbye attractive girl!" which made me smile. people are just nice like that here at SHHS.

amaya lost her keys...that was a big ordeal, i feel bad for amaya but she's got them now so it's all good. some stupid kid stole them. good ole charlie though, he was real nice to's cool to see how good of friends those two are. i love being around them (: haha and landon. landon is a HOOT. (:

fiddler practice was exhausting, so was powder puff practice...and then i had a ward party afterward. i like charlie, alex and spencer as our coaches though. they're awesome. i'm scared charlie might yell at me - he gets into the game (: but we've got it all worked out, alex says he'll make sure to keep charlie in good behavior.

anyway- ward party; lots of good food, talked to some of the laurels, found out that this kid in my musical theater class is in my ward...he just doesn't go to church which surprised me. anyhow. oh and {sidenote} whenever i told my embarrassing story yesterday about the picture, i always called the wrong people by the name of seth...ack. i just couldn't stop embarrassing myself. i was on a roll.

anyhow...that's really all that happened yesterday: next post will be about TODAY.... (: excited? i would say me too...but i've already lived it once...but some good things happened so it's worth going through again i guess. :P


{post script: ultimate goal of brevity: fail}

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