Friday, August 12, 2011

small world...?

yesterday: i was talking about megan abel with a friend. we were walking around the mall and randomly just saying things like "that's what megan would wear" or "what would megan do if she were bored?" anyway. just so you know megan, you are our celebrity. in fact my friend {nicole}'s little sister's friend {yah i know - try and say that fast and follow it} heard us say your name and said even she had heard of you. apparently her sister's friend reads your blog regularly and talks about you just as much. go figure. it made me feel less unique that everyone and their dog is reading your blog, but i thought maybe you would like to know. that is, if you ever stumble across my blog.

and another experience to give evidence that we live in a small world? i was facebook stalking some people...and i will have to reveal a name to get the ridiculousness of this story across but that's ok, i doubt she will ever read that i stalked her, before i even met her: natawni went to prom with a guy who was in the same group as nicole. yah. weeeeiiirrrrdddd..... are you reading this cole? maybe you didn't get to know her, but i just thought that was weird seeing people from my two now-pretty-much-separate-lives in the same picture.

small world.

do you have any experiences with a small world? i would love to hear them. they always make me smile.


Anonymous said...

Uh... You shouldn't feel sad that others know Megan because I'm sure you weren't the first to find her blog and even know her personally like I do. Harsh but true.

Anonymous said...

Ok maybe I lied about knowing her personally. But others do. So really it's not that big of a deal.

BLIRB said...

megan's the best! i love her

kaylla said...

dear anonymous reader. thank you. for that...lovely display of loyalty toward megan. next time don't be scared to comment as yourself, its not like i'd get mad if i knew a friend or acquaintance of mine disagreed with me on something. in fact it happens all the time. buck up (:
or maybe cheer up? i guess you're just having a bad day. sorry. if i knew your name i'd give you $5 and tell ya to go buy yourself a milkshake.

Anonymous said...

you don't even know meg. so why feel sad that others read her blog? geez woman.

kaylla said...

geez woman yourself. i wasn't sad, cool it okay? maybe you could take a chill pill yah? why do you even care.