Wednesday, August 17, 2011

school starts in five days.

yes. yes it does.
at least for me it does, and everyone else at Salem Hills. can you believe it kaylla? you are going to a public school. first time ever. prepare self for complete culture shock. and here? yes here. well...technically below here but whatever, are my goals for this year. yes. this year. i am talking weird...ok, getting on with it.

1) no emotional i-like-him kind of stuff this year. no boyfriend, and whatnot. not to mention i want last year's experience to be special and having another one would take away the awesomeness of junior year.

2) don't be late to early morning seminary. be good and please graduate from seminary kaylla. it will be worth it i promise.

3) get good grades in algebra 2, english/writing, and gov/politics. they are your only "hard" classes. {woot for no science this year!}

4) make lots of friends; guys and girls alike. lasting friendships, friends that a) i feel comfortable being myself completely around b) never make me feel like i need to lower my standards c) have similar interests d) can have a complete blast with and also good spiritual conversations with.

5) don't abandon or forget past friends. especially missionaries and foreign dudes, the billz, coley cole, and the loffords. all of which...very unlikely to forget. haha

6) get the chance to go to at least one high school dance {even if it must be sadies...i will do it.} hahahahaha

7) audition for anything and everything. it's good practice of getting out of my shell and i may actually get the chance to be in Fiddler on the Roof again. yes i know, i was in it last year...but you should see their stage. it's like the size of AHS's times seven. no joke. epic stage to the max.

8) get another ten blog stalkers...crossing my fingers. currently at a public number of 11.

9) go boating, kayaking, slacklining, ride the bus to temple square, all before the first snow.

10) get a fake tattoo.

11) finish personal progress. also very much worth it kaylla. do it. besides - you wanna go to the YW's sleepover don't you? DO IT.

12) take specific friends kayaking, slacklining, and hiking up to the Payson "P" as promised.

13) take lots of pictures, become proficient in that area of expertise.

14) because i'm awesome enough to have a fourteen jus' fo' kicks.

that's it. hopefully i'll get them all.

{post script} this does not count as my bucket list, although there are many things on here that could count. this is more like an overall goal list. bucket list is full of random awesome things to do - and that list is yet to come. don't you worry your little hearts. yes indeedy. Night!

kaylla the hyper krokodile.

{post post script} mutual was a blast tonight. i really like the girls in my ward. i'm excited to continue making these friendships. i've never had so many friends that had so much in common with me in my entire life. i pretty much love it here in elk ridge.

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BLIRB said...

i can help you with #10