Thursday, August 18, 2011

the trouble with forgetting

some people have hidden files on their computers. some people keep certain text messages locked so that they can never be accidentally deleted. some people have small memorabilia simply around them wherever they go, but the whole point of all of this...? is to remember and to forget.

mine is a shoe box. filled with odds and ends at the top of my closet, seemingly random, only one thing ties them all together. the name written on the box. because of that name, the wallet-sized prom pictures make sense alongside the valentine's card. the rubber-band next to the business card from a thai restaurant. everything in there has a memory. everything in that box is hidden away.

the problem with hiding something from that you always know where it is. the trouble with forgetting everything bad, is also forgetting everything good. the hard part of falling in love is not having someone there to catch you.

i guess what i'm really just trying to say is this. i need to forget, i need to really not see him anymore as anything but just a friend, like we agreed. so here's the i get rid of my shoe box?

comment, even if you are a random stranger happening upon my blog. i appreciate all opinions always.


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