Saturday, August 27, 2011

first week highlights

since i really just am too lazy and don't really have the time to tell you ALL about my first week of school i'm going to tell you a couple highlights.

monday. drawn out headache and a flash of classes making me think i was in for a year of horrible memories. good thing i was wrong. nothing much else to divulge except that kaytlyn is right - first day of school is useless.

tuesday. nothing really to report except that i like my photography teacher, where i sit in concert choir, early morning seminary is hard to be on time to, but i will do it.

wednesday. switched some classes so that i could have AP Literature with KJ. really like that class, but realized that i should probably switch my math class too. it was a stupid move on my part to take Algebra 2 again. so...i switched some more classes around to get into AP Stats and everything worked out beautifully.

thursday. i really like mr. griffin. he's a fun teacher even if he does go off on tangents. i realized that after switching my classes around that i knew a lot more people in my new classes. the result? happiness.

friday. probably my favorite day of the week so far. all my classes worked out. stupid picture day - we had to wear "drapes"...i thought i was out of the uniform thing? nope. seniors at public schools have to suffer too. singers is as always - wonderful. allie is really sweet. talkative, but very nice. oh! and favorite moment of friday hahahaha okay here goes

so i was talking to seth and previously i had told him that he had an interesting voice, but it wasn't his real voice it was his acting voice {those silly thespians} but he jokingly called it his player voice, and said it all seductive like. later on in the conversation Allie and i were joking that i was a french foreign exchange student. but i added that i didn't know how to french kiss. everyone kind of laughed at that because it was kind of the most random thing for the conversation and these kinds of people and then suddenly seth said "i can teach you" and all was silent. but then we all started laughing uncontrollably. it was the best haha, even seth couldn't stop laughing. it was just so awkwardly funny.

anyway then my TA in the Library time etc was really nice, i love the librarian - she is super nice to me and the two other kids ben and emily are super cool too. not to mention if we get everything done that we are assigned then we get to use it as study hall pretty much which i really might end up needing haha. then AP Stats. it was my first time in the classroom for this class but it is just wonderful. a smaller class so i feel way more at home, i know more people in that class {in the alg 2 class i knew no one except danni and she doesn't really talk to me...} so i was super happy.

after school i had to run and return a book to mr bills and catch the bus home. my first time on a school bus. kayli thought that that was pretty funny, we jokingly had tears about it. and she has really long fingers. like...REALLY LONG. then i came home, ate some food, took a nap, thought about my politics and ap lit homework and then after getting a ride to the football game went. at first it was awkward because of who i was standing by but after allie, alicea, libby and erik came i was all good. then instead of going to the dance afterward {we lost by one point. lame.} we went to erik's house to just chill. we discovered too that we are all the youngest in our families, except erik. he's the oddball now. he's a redhead. then allie took me home and we just talked and talked and talked. it was great (: i like her, she's really nice. we're going to have a blast this year.

and that's it really. i'll be sure to add anything of course eventually...maybe? anyway. bye


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