Thursday, August 25, 2011

Don't Cry Out Loud

mrs. dunn showed me this song. i loved it, but since in soprano it's a belting song...i couldn't use it as an audition piece. a boy sings this version but it's originally sung by an older woman. i'm considering making it my temporary theme song.

on a somewhat related note: i feel like recently i have been saying way too much personal stuff on my blog, so if i don't post as much in the future - it's not because i'm not writing, it's simply because i deem certain posts too personal. sorry. if i want you to know and be a part of my life in that sense then either you have to take the effort to ask me {you should know how to get a hold of me} and if i still don't tell you, then just accept that maybe it wasn't important for you to hear.

lots of love.


{post script} i almost forgot to, but here's the song

{post post script} thanks charlie for playing this song for me and mrs. dunn. your piano abilities amaze me. you're a good friend. probably better than i deserve.

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