Tuesday, August 30, 2011


yes. yes i did just audition again for the same play i was in last year. yes salem hills high school will be doing fiddler on the roof. and yes, of course i auditioned. i was told that no matter what, if you auditioned it's pretty sure you will at least be in ensemble so i'm happy. i'm happy with that.

all in all i think i did really well, mrs. dunn was smiling the entire time so i'm hoping that is a good sign. i wish i could show them the chaveleh sequence from last years because if it weren't me and if i weren't wanting to be really humble etc etc...i'd show them how i even gave myself chills screaming/crying after walker/tevye like that. i'll miss that one scene for sure whoever gets the role.

i had a blast chilling with amaya and charlie. they are really good friends and they are really great at including me. i can already say right now, this is going to be spectacular. charlie for sure will get a main role {its inevitable, people with talent like he's got, have to be displayed} and i really think amaya has a good chance too. she's pretty and sweet and outgoing and an all around wonderful person.

charlie is also an amazing pianist. good musical abilities. it's funny, on the car ride to drop him and myself off {amaya is so nice! ah, i just can't get over how much i love that girl}, anyway and it was funny because i asked charlie one question and he was the one talking the majority of the time. wow, other than keegan, i don't think i've ever met a guy who could talk so much. except charlie isn't weird in certain ways that keegan is. keegan is very in touch with his feminine side, charlie - not so much, even if he does have long curly hair.

amaya is one of those kinds of people who you see in the hallway who 97% of the time is smiling. she isn't a fakey kind of person though. she's real, she's kind, understanding, brilliant, smart, funny, creative, quirky...she's just wonderful. and very giving too. i really only wish her the best, in absolutely everything she does, because someone that good deserves a good life.

so tomorrow is the "movement" audition, following which we will see call-backs, and then by friday we will know who has what roles. i'm genuinely curious as to the outcome of this next week. good luck to all those who auditioned! Tazia you were STUNNING, gah! i love your voice.

also - i love hearing the song "if i can't love her" or something like that on the piano...it's beautiful.

love much!
Kaylla. ha, or mckakawhawa or whatever charlie calls me now. fail chawlie. fail. (:

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BLIRB said...

wow!! haha fiddler on the roof again! i totally want to come see it! pleeease let me know the dates for this. i'm way excited to see what part you get!

hope u get hodel (: then you can sing far from the home i love!! yessss