Monday, August 8, 2011

another penny for my thoughts?

a bird perched on the edge of my porch. without really thinking i started edging toward it. closer. and closer.

and then it flew away.

my dad had been watching it too and made a comment that i scared it away on purpose. but that's not why i was inching closer. and that got me to thinking.

{"a dangerous past-time, i know"}

i was trying to get as close as i possibly could. i thought that the glass separating us would keep it from getting scared of me. it was less effective than i had hoped, but by the time it had flown away, it was obviously too late. i had already come too close and there was no going back.

i had that thought in my less words, but then i realized - life is like that, only deeper.

some people are like the bird on my porch. you try to get as close as possible to them without scaring them away, you try different tactics: extreme slow progression, camouflage, distractions, etc. but in the end once you pass their line of comfort, they're gone. and by the time you have found that line {because let's face it, it's different for everyone and very invisible} it is always far too late. they're gone.

it made me sad because it was kind of a slap in the face of what the past month has been for me; finding that line, and every time i found that line...the people flew away.

i guess the safest thing really is to just stay as far away from that line as possible. get a zoom camera next time. {smile}

but whatever happened to those too scared to live life? nothing.

which is precisely why i always try and get closer to birds.

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