Wednesday, July 27, 2011

bread and piano: an evening well-spent

i love bread. i love piano. we had both at mutual tonight. it made me very happy. i chatted like a school girl again about my crush and everything. i didn't say everything though. i guess i'm not quite as much of an open book as i thought; not that i care that they know everything - i just don't want to seem like a conversation hog.

the bread was delicious; but this is kaylla speaking, the girl who ate whole loaves of bread in a day when she was little. any bread makes me happy. but then...her bread recipe was REALLY good, and healthy too. i'm excited to eat mine that she gave us to take home. too bad i don't have strawberry freezer jam like she did. {jealousssy...}

i also got to know Kayli and Erika even more. i love getting to know these girls. so often i'm finding that the kinds of people i don't see myself hanging or being around as much are totally sweet people and we really have things in common. Kayli has an amazing voice and Erika doesn't have a harsh bone in her entire body. they both have tender love lives too. oh yes, we divulged romances a bit tonight - kaylla is superb at starting those conversations - i love those kinds of things. they're the gasoline to my car.

then we went to the piano {i talked Kayli into playing and singing for me - i'm totally a winner} and wow, not only can she play AMAZINGLY, she sings too to top it off. i was blown away. and jealous (: always jealous. Erika played one of my favorite Jim Brickman songs too. ahh...these girls are simply amazing. We had fun switching off talking about music and playing some tunes we had memorized. i always messed up. oh well. it felt good to play again.

i hope to hang out with Kayli maybe, hopefully. we both hardly have anything to do. we'll see though where the winds take us.

i'm getting more excited for school to start. i hope my audition on friday for concert choir is good enough for him to accept me. please oh please oh please...

oh and to top off my night, one of my favorite people in the world texted my email. it's always good for someone to text you first - that way you know that they 1) thought of you, 2) wanted to think of you, 3) put the effort into carrying on a conversation. my heart goes out to you pal (: thanks for making my evening even better. (:



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