Thursday, July 28, 2011

hello my familiar stranger

that person who you've known for most of your life and know so well, but when you talk to them recently - they just seem a thousand miles away. or the person you have just barely met and already you feel as if they are your best friend. the friend who you told everything to but who now you can barely think of what to say. these are my familiar strangers.

i used to say "hello stranger" a lot. i think i just found out what i meant when i said it. sometimes people come into your life who simply know you, but their eyes become glazed over. if eyes are windows to our souls, then do souls become gray and lifeless too?

i remember talking to an old friend once, he seemed all alive - at least his words did. but talking to my mom later i told her he wasn't alive. his eyes, those bright blue windows into his soul were dead. he was still suffering like i was. his wound was still open.

glad mine healed. i hope he is ok, wherever he is today.

familiar stranger, wherever you memories go out to you, the piece of my heart that was yours is still yours, but the wound of that piece has grown over. someone else's love filled the holes that yours left. actually, multiple peoples' love have filled it. you especially would be, should be happy to know that Christ is the foremost of all of them.

familiar stranger, i know you love me and i know i love you. we had the best of times and the worst of times. i promise i will try to only remember the best. please try not to make anyone else have the worst. you're so much better than that.

familiar stranger, i will always love you. maybe we are just too much alike or too different, i'm not sure which one...but something was right about it when it happened. maturity might have had a lot to do with it too. we weren't ready for what came crashing out way, or at least i wasn't.

familiar stranger...stop wandering, truly turn your face to the light. He is waiting for you.

when you finally get to where you are will be in His embrace.

I love you, familiar stranger.


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