Thursday, June 23, 2011

See the Stars

Last night lying down in my bed, after packing up parts of my bedroom most of the day (too much time to think when doing that menial labor by the way) I noticed that I could actually see the stars. That's kind of a big deal for me. When we first moved to American Fork from Highland I was really sad because all the city lights drowned out the starlight. It made me think and feel like we really weren't in Kansas anymore. ;)

In my bed though! If I really want to see stars in AF these days you have to go outside and turn off all the lights, and it also has to be like 2 in the morning, whereas last night, I went to bed around like 12:30? I didn't have to go outside, turn off lights or anything. It was really pretty. I could see them so clearly - one even sparkled a little bit red sometimes.

It's funny...when I look at the stars sometimes, I feel like I could do anything. Sometimes I wonder if people that I wish I could talk to are looking at the stars at the same time as me. And maybe even the same stars, but of course that's all silly stuff....

But you know what - I like silly stuff. Let me sappy for a little bit ok? hah

So sometimes when I look up at the stars, I think that maybe I could talk to them and through the stars a message might be passed along to my loved ones. I mean why not? If stars are like the pinholes in the curtains of heaven...if I were an angel I'd be looking through them all the time, and if someone were talking to them - I know that if I could, I would pass those messages along, no matter how far or short the distance.

It all kind of reminds me of that movie, The Other Side of Heaven with Elder Groberg. When
he's talking to his girlfriend before he goes on his mission he tells her that they will be looking at the same moon. That's so special honestly...I admire all those guys who during their missions close their hearts to anyone but that one love that they have promised their heart to, no matter how difficult long distance relationships are. It makes it more special that he gave her the moon in a sense to remember him by.

Stars have fascinated people for eons of time, why? What makes these little specks of light so magical? The mystery? They aren't really a mystery anymore as to what they are, although we haven't seen them in person, we do know a lot about them. Is it the beauty? They're so tiny, you would think there were other things more beautiful like diamonds and gems and stuff, but no...there's still something that draws us to the skies.

Anyway...I just thought it was beautiful, and something to think and write about. Hope you at least look at the stars tonight (if they're out that is)...and I just realized, after we move - we will probably be able to see the stars REALLY well from my new house (seeing as it's in the middle of nowhere.)


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