Thursday, June 23, 2011


Can I just say one thing? Being a teenage girl is hard enough, without having to have to deal with hormones and stuff like that...why did my parents have to decide to move again? Right before my Senior year too! I mean...Senior's not like it had "Easy" written all over it (well...actually, going to a public school doesn't sound to hard to me) but what about making friends?!? I've been going to the same school since 3rd grade and before that I was homeschooled...I'm going to be what my friend Jongsu calls a "private school weirdy dork". Thanks a lot Jongthu.

I'm so tired of moving around though too. I mean...I thought our green home in Highland would be the last time - yah right. Lilly asked me in our room how many times we've moved - I counted to her: out of the first Highland house, out of the second Highland house, out of the Pleasant Grove apartment and now out of the American Fork townhome. Ugggghhhhhhh...that's four times, three of which have been within the last year and a half. My mom says she has gypsy blood but isn't that a little much?

I love my mom, please please don't get that wrong. And don't think I'm afraid either - I know I'll adjust. I'm the queen of adjustment. I'm just not sure how to be happy about all of this right now.

I mean really - I just made up with two of my friends who I'd been struggling with...seriously...and now I have to go away? I'm going to freaking miss's just all kind of unfair. And what new friends I do make? I don't mean to be a downer but - what's the use? I'll be leaving for college in a year anyway and wont see most of them ever again.

There's one girl that I've met that I really think I could get along with...maybe. She was friendly at least (a lot more than I can say about the girl that showed me which Sunday School class was rude much?) Anyway - Becca Newman...not sure if that's how you spell it but she was really cool. And so was Megan (I think that was her name...) but she's older and going to probably wont see much of her.

So all in all...everything will be ok, because I just couldn't handle being lame for very long, eventually things would look up. I mean...I may actually make friends! ha. ha. ha....yay... :/

Sorry for the lame's kind of what I've been thinking about...and since nothing is HAPPENING to write about - I will write what I'm THINKING about... anyway. Night.


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