Monday, June 27, 2011

10 Uses for the Cardboard Box

1. Moving things around - like your junk - when you displace yourself to a new house.

2. Throwing at annoying siblings who tease you.

3. Cutting up into pieces and making something artsy with it, like a doll house.

4. Throwing it away. (my favorite)

5. Using it to hold acrylic paint, like those boards that french artists use when they oil paint.

6. Hiding things away in dark corners to be discovered years later in. Covered in dust.

7. Replacing parts of cars (i.e. windows that won't roll up).

8. Making mazes for your pet confuse them...

9. Staring at in hatred after they fill up your house with your own junk inside of them.

10. Writing about how to use them, because they are just so wonderfully useless.

I am now done with my wonderfully cynical post for the day. Your welcome. Another one about cars and transportational devices - tomorrow. Stay tuned.


PS - I have actually done all of the above listed reasons by the way. Just so you know.

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