Saturday, July 17, 2010

Magical/SciFi/Strange/etc Films

So there is a genre of films being made in our day that I don't really know what to call - scientific fantasy I guess. And for now - that's what I'm going to call them.

Ever since Digital movies have become "the thing" moviemakers have been going ALL out with the movies they make, blue screen, green screen, etc. etc. I'm going to discuss some good and bad ones. Of course I'll have to say that I've seen these movies but maybe one or two I wont . . . have seen . . . :D prejudgemental opinions.

Star Wars, the second trilogy that chronically comes first (I know - confusing) were some of the first movies really accepted into the movie making world as Digital. It was Lucas or whoever the guy who really pushed Digital movies. Good Plot, nice acting (though sometimes a bit of a corny script - sorry!) but AMAZING digital action! When I was younger I thought the scifi word thingy referred to the movie quality, now I know it's not BUT it has a big part because what would a movie like Star Wars without all that stuff? Just like the older trilogy, no offense but . . . some of those creatures and . . . stuff . . . were WAY high tech for that time but now . . . I'm just gonna say I prefer the newer trilogy. :)

But anyway - Star Wars is one of those classics, movies that you cannot live without; the perfect balance or adventure, horror, humor and romance . . . you can't ask for any better :D

So . . . my next victim: Harry Potter series. I love the movies. I actually saw all the way to movie - I think it was five at the time - before I even read any of the books. When I was younger and the first Harry Potter movie came out I wasn't allowed to see it because my mom didn't like the witchcraft aspect of it but later when we were older and didn't actually believe in it (cough I was still much younger than my older brothers and they brought it home for us to see . . .) :D and I literally memorized the entire movie I loved it so much. So. What really made that movie so successful? Would it have been such a hit if they'd made it in the old style instead of digital and effects and all that sweet stuff? To me it seems a ton of popular films were either the ones who were the head of the game IN THEIR DAY or the ones with the best effects or maybe just maybe the best story but if it's only a good story and not good with anything else, doubtful anyone will like it much. Sorry.

So Harry Potter is great, love it - maybe some classics there (the last couple so far were pretty dark for me - I don't know I like contrast of light and dark and Harry just seems so . . . obsessed with his darkness that he can't see his light) anyway.

Lord of the Rings. I just want to say I LOVE THESE MOVIES!!! aw man these movies are just rich in almost every aspect, not even joking. Scenery, Costumes, Effects, Character Development, Storyline, Script, Humor, Romance (just enough but definitely not a main theme), Fantasy (but Medieval in it's tone), and the list goes on! But of course this post is mainly focused on the effects of this movie . . . but maybe I'll sidetrack in a little bit. So the effects were very lifelike; one thing I have to complain about nowadays is that some movies with their effects - they look so RICH compared to the real images that they look fake. Make sense? Like . . . I would say some parts in Prince Caspian were like that. Y'know? But for the most part that I can remember, Lord of the Rings was a worthwhile film to watch and admire. I'm not joking when I say it inspires me every time.

So . . . I'm bored of this subject now, so I'm gonna say - I hope you enjoyed this! and my ranting on about movies and I'll talk t'ya later!


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