Sunday, July 11, 2010

Dogs vs. Cats

Dare I even ask the question?

Yes. I dare.

Are Dogs better than Cats?

DEBATE > > >

Well . . . in my humble yet uneducated and slightly biased opinion, I believe (cough know cough cough) that dogs are ultimately far better than cats. The above picture states my first point. They are HELPFUL and smart and DO stuff (on a general basis - 97 percent of all dogs were bred with an active purpose) (also: 98% of all percentages were made up on the spot.) :) ANYWAY: the above picture is one of my all-time favorite kinds of dogs - Golden Retriever. I saw some for sale yesterday :( my mom wouldn't even let me go and pet one. I was a depressed little anti-boy girl. See these puppies? One of the cutest things you will EVER see is a puppy. More than half of the world will admit to that fact. And when the get bigger? It's just MORE TO LOVE!!! They only chew when bored and they only get bored if they're highstrung and you don't play with them enough so ultimately if your puppy chews then it's your fault. Just thought I'd mention that. Puppies also are great to start out with when thinking of a family dog. If you want a big family pet then my suggestion is start when their a puppy - though there are those wonderful cases where the large dog takes immediately as protector for the little kids - but for the most part that's a rarity. So if you want a big family dog and you have little kids - start with a puppy.

Dogs need at LEAST two walks a day. That is for "highstrung" dogs - or rather dogs with a lot of energy. Otherwise they do tend to get fat. Dogs are social creatures - they idolize in a way our human presence. We are their humans. Ever seen the movie Bolt? No? Well I'm not going to spoil it for you - just watch it. It's true though how he feels about his human - protective but loving. :) Perfect companion. Also - in old times . . . Dogs were the ones bred for companionship . . . this is what they were made to be - FRIENDS. So feed your puppy - enjoy your doggie and love him or her even though she may not be a puppy anymore. They all need love. That's one thing a dog will always need. Love.

Oh wait! Not done yet with dogs. So I found this awesome picture :D of a dog . . . as a speeder.
Look at this! Someone put their two loves together: Star Wars and Dogs. It's unforgettable :D and cute and simply brain supplementing.

The human brain needs at least 10 supplementing (funny/humorous/laughable) things a day. AT LEAST. Here you go - here's one.

Also did you know that if you feed your dog real red meat that it will grow to 3 times it's regular size? I don't really know that so don't go killing your rabbits to feed to your

dogs just so they'll get bigger. But that's what you would think eh? My brother told me when he BBQed my first steak medium rare and I was cringing at the bloody look - I was told that blood makes you grow faster. (taller than boys?!?) Yeah! okay! (bleh. I hate red meat.)


Dogs. They are wonderful. You should get one. I'm totally biased and uneducated though I do know how to potty train a dog and teach it how to sit and how to teach a deaf dog how to do things as well (once had one, named Oliver - cutest thing EVER). So on to more . . . deathly topics . . .


Shiver. Did I shiver yet? Or is there a breeze in this room - no there isn't. It must have been the cats.

I have one bad story to tell that has helped with my anti-catism.

When we were moving, We had to be without my beautiful puppy (he's not a puppy anymore - just call him that) Border Collie, Jack.

We heard a story of his encounter with the evil demonic version of a devil on earth. The Cat. He was just being friendly and . . . what did that cat do to him? SCRATCHED HIS NOSE AND HISSED AT HIM AND COMPLETELY SCARED HIM OUT OF HIS WITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Evil little creature.

When searching for pictures for this entry in this blog for this post I found it difficult to find many CUTE pictures of cats. Most of them were spoof kinds of pictures making fun of how stupid cats were. But I figured might as well some on my blog right? right.

Oh but I found this one - stupid and depicts the evilness of cats . . .

It's also messing up with my blog format. Thanks a lot Cats.

So all in all - cats are not as loveable as dogs. Though they do make good jokes. They're evil . . . yet . . . how in the word does this picture come into existenc? I'll tell you how . . . . . . . . . The dog is making sure the cat doesn't run away in it's sleep and hurt it's humans. That's the only explanation for this horrendous display of fake affection. The only reason.

There was this cat near my house - a stray with all the fireworks - must have gotten scared off . . . lost . . . evil little thing tried to lure me away into affection for it and away from my puppy!!!! Stupid little oaf of a creature. Haha . . . okay . . . in all honesty . . . I'll admit . . . I'm not that much of a cat hater. I'm just more of a dog person. Cats are fine . . . they really can be cute - when they're kittens at least. There are some pretty ugly cats. And it's more than fun to see all the pictures that people have of their cats doing stupid things, like this one :) -->

I wonder what that cat is thinking . . . "I learned how to walk like a human!!!! YEHAH!!!!!" more like - "I'll bet you can't do THIS!" or something to that effect . . . there's some really funny things out there about cats. Anyway. Dogs and Cats will forever be debated by me. In my mind.

I wonder how rats, mice and gerbils as pets would rank against dogs and cats . . . ?


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