Sunday, February 28, 2010

~ The Ball ~

Friends . . . and of course that means everyone :)

So this last Friday I went to a ball. Yes I know that sounds extravagant but it was wonderful and amazing. I just thought I'd type up a few thoughts about it.

So first we arrived. I loved the live big band, it was just a wonderful and happy atmosphere and people were dressed up and it was just completely like a dream. I was only able to really dance 4 dances but that's totally fine with me - they were all wonderful.

The first dance I danced with my dad - I tried to teach him the swing but I'm a horrible teacher and I think I failed epically. Second I danced with one of my guyfriends - Drew (thanks! I love you if you ever read this - it always makes my day when you act like a friend! means more to me than you could imagine!) - who was a complete gentleman. We danced the quickstep swing or western or whatever - he kept doing this really cool dance move that I just loved. That was a ton of fun. Then later after some more fun I was asked by David - another guyfriend and a great friend of Drew's to dance . . . oh gosh I can't remember if it was a swing or something else but I'm pretty sure it was another swing. I happened to just notice that I practically always get asked to dance the swings. Hmm. :) anyway! That was lots of fun again. Then the second to last dance before the ball would be over was a polka and the boy who I've recently been attacted to (I don't like the word crush, like or anything similar - it's nothing like that - just exploring dating material - pinky promise - hopefully these people never actually read this *wink) - whose name is Ben asked me to dance. He held out his arm, watched a teacher dance, followed their example and swept me off of my feet! It was wonderful.

The parts of the dance in between those dances that I mentioned were spent setting up friends. It was hilarious fun. I was talking to a very beautiful friend who had come very dressed up (you were gorgeous Chloe!) and I decided to get all of the older boys who were just standing in a circle to dance with her - it went a-muck (my plans) and they ended up dancing around her in a circle which only embarrassed her more and I think she really wanted to kill me just then. Oh well! Then I set up Brittani - two or three times I think and I'm glad but I'm pretty sure she had a wonderful time. We have plans for next year's dance. We won't be going *wink *wink *nod *nod. We'll be having our own kind of fun . . .

So that was the gist of it. I wasn't one of the most dressed up girls but I felt like it was one of the best dances I have been to in a long time, even if I haven't ever been to many. I loved it all. I like that old-time-classical-jazzy kind of music much better than our modern racket. I wish we could have more dances like this one. Just a dream of mine.

Maybe in heaven. Another butterfly?

Well . . . I have more to say - but I'll say it in another post.

Till later then!

Much LOVE, LOVE much!

-Kaylla (the Krocodile . . .)

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