Sunday, December 2, 2012

thoughts on children

so a while back i was made a primary worker. i work with these adorable 4-5 year olds and some {especially two certain boys} are absolutely crazy. they're basically bouncing off the walls and couldn't sit still even if they wanted to it feels like.

and today, i realized - they're like static energy! the energy just keeps building up and they have no opportunities to let it loose so they're forced to have little sparks all the time, and they can't focus. they can't just touch ground and have it all be gone though, especially in our society where the normal activities encouraged for children are sitting and coloring or sitting and playing with cars or sitting and watching the video games/movies. they're always told they have to sit and be still. no exploring allowed.

these children with their abundance of energy are stuck.

people, or rather "adults" today hit upon something that struck their fancy. they like to blame things on chemical imbalances. in other words, in our society today we like to say that these children aren't normal. in fact they have a problem. something is wrong with them. they have ADD, ADHD or are Bipolar. seriously? a child bipolar?

so they give these children medications, anesthetics and chemicals and stuff that their tiny little bodies don't naturally produce on their own. then those children have bad side-effects to those medications and get another medication to balance them out. it goes on and has been known to go on as far as some cases where a child will be on as many as eight medications for one "problem". this is horrible!

especially if you stop blindly trusting in these "doctors" and research what these pills are. many of them are anesthetics and just a clue - "anesthetics" comes from the greek and means basically "to deaden". these children are given chemicals to deaden them! not to help them live.

so what to do? instead of killing these beautiful spirits, shouldn't we be helping them to live and to be excited for life? {as they were originally i might add, just with more energy than usual} i want to bring it all back the idea that they are like static energy.

how do you get rid of static energy? you use it. it touches a surface and it's let loose! in my opinion if these children were allowed to be unique, to explore and examine every little detail, they may not have so much energy to spare. maybe if they were allowed to run and not stop at the right time and in the right ways, then when it's preferred to be reverent and still {like in church} they may not have as hard of a time with it.

those are my thoughts and my opinion. hopefully i stepped on some toes.

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