Wednesday, November 28, 2012


the hardest part about saying goodbye to your best friend for two years is that your best friend isn't there to comfort you through the heartache.

i miss him. and people keep asking if i want to talk about it {the normal girl cure.} but i don't. i tell myself in my mind that it's okay. i'm stronger than this. because i am.

i'm so proud of my friend for serving the Lord. and i am doing everything i can to do the same. and i'm thankful that i had a friend who encouraged me to do just that. quite simply, i am happier than i have ever been. after all, he is serving the Lord. that doesn't mean we love each other any less, or that i won't ever see him again - because i will. and i keep my promises.

{i've even joked with him that even if i wanted to, i don't have time to find someone and get married before he gets back. it's chronically impossible.}

i love him. {and even though i'm not "waiting" for him} i'll see him again.

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