Wednesday, March 21, 2012

positive attitudes

yes. it's basically midnight.

no. i'm not done packing.

but my mom just said something...that made me smile. and i honestly don't know what i'd do without her positive attitude sometimes.

she told me, with how fast this year has gone, two years will go just as fast. i corrected her, telling her that it wasn't two years, it's five.

then she said: "no, it's not. it's only four and a half now."

i love her.

and four and a half years? compared with eternity? i can do this. we can do this.

PS - going on choir tour tomorrow...that's why i'm up so late packing. should have packed yesterday. yah, i know. but guess what? i get to see the ocean.

but i'm going to miss my family and my best friend.

but i'll be home soon.

love you,

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