Saturday, November 12, 2011

Happiness is...

anything that is loved by you.

my school did this play when i would have been a sophomore. it's neat because two of my really close friends played snoopy {seth and craig} {it was a double cast}. i was sitting inside the doghouse yesterday, that little place is so neat. i love it. everyone left little notes or their names inside of it, and a couple made mention to this song.

it got me thinking, sometimes life is so hard to just remember to be happy about.
some things that make me happy?

snuggling up close to my mom for warmth early in the morning or late at night
fooling around backstage with my friends
subway sandwiches
looking at beautiful black and white photos
talking to my friend seth
or having a water fight at a drinking fountain
a warm bed and clean room
real photobooth pictures
a blue coat with bright red gloves
christmas sweet breads
pumpkin pie!
holding a baby...
the hug of a close friend
dressing up in costumes for plays
oldies music {most music really...}
beautiful fall colors here in my new hometown
back and shoulder rubs from caring friends
being on stage
singing a beautiful song and being on key
surprising the alto section on how low i can go {low d flat...maybe lower}
my CTR ring
writing in my journal, and reading past entries
stick/post it notes
inspirational quotes, especially from friends
playing and improvising on the piano
watching science fiction shows with kelsey
long phone calls with kaytlyn, laughing and crying
singing random songs while walking the dog
making apple bread...smelling it...
brown spotted bananas

so many things mean happiness...

happiness, it's loving life. it's the little things in life. it's believing in The Lovely.

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