Monday, October 3, 2011


sorry, this post has absolutely nothing to do with Fiddler on the Roof. (:

BUT - it does have to do with some thoughts I had over conference weekend.

I want to start some traditions with myself, some day when I can control exactly what I do and when I do them. First being, I'd like to be on temple square/conference center for at least one of the conference sessions, preferably Saturday morning or Sunday morning. then for another session I would like to spend it up in the canyons somewhere. Doesn't really matter which canyon...Payson Canyon is beautiful but often busy so probably Provo or even American Fork's if it's on my way down from Salt Lake. I just think...those being the closest to God possible...other than going to the Temple itself, I'd love to hear His voice there.

I also will probably never do this with anyone else because I think unless I'm married to them...that would be too confusing. I think I know why for example now why you shouldn't go on dates to the temple before marriage; those good feelings from that holy place can easily be confused to be connected to that person. I've made this mistake a few times...and am just now learning from that. It is fun if you just go as friends and everyone is on their own for the rides and money, but otherwise...if ever I do it the other way, I'll be married to the fella.

So here's to new traditions (: I'm hoping this one will stick, and honestly...I think it will (:

love you,

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