Wednesday, October 26, 2011

of muscles and men

so...maybe several of my friends of the opposite gender are oftentimes i am either in shock at their abilities, feel very safe and on a very, very rare occasion...question my safety. that sounds weird, but lets just say more than one of them could crush me to a pulp. and the questioning my safety part has only happened once and it was more in theory than actually questioning the morality and the possibility that the person would hurt me.

but it's all an interesting thing. what is it about men who have those big...grapefruit-like looking muscles that is so attracting to the female? is it the added level of inferiority at work? or do we feel protected and like that? it something else that i don't even have a name for?

finding out that a guy could bench 250 {which happens to be almost exactly twice my weight} is also a bit...unnerving. yet having a pillow fight with said person and totally owning is probably a good thing to add, right? that is, as long as our pillow sizes are even. somehow when they get the bigger pillow, things become uneven all over again.

there's something about the playful physical contact that you can have with people like them, not even having to have to worry if you'll actually hurt them. i could totally wrestle with one of these amazing boys {i call them amazing because not only are they totally in shape but well rounded, intelligent human beings} except for the fact that unless it were totally necessary to get a point across, i wouldn't actually put them through the humiliation of being beat by me, small 120 lbs and all...

i don't think their egos could take it.

and again i'm totally amazed because...they don't have egos. i mean, what is it about these elk ridge and salem boys? seriously, they're totally fit, super gentlemen, nice, understanding, appreciate it when girls are blunt and actually say thank you when you call them obnoxious, then they go about trying to fix their faults, offer you help with classes you struggle in, share the same humor, be your older brothers basically...

i'm in love with these elk ridge boys, and if it weren't totally weird to say this right now and right here, but i would totally marry someone almost based on the knowledge that someone had been born and raised in this area {...almost}. that's how good it is here. something about this place, it's like God decided to make everything right in the world for several square miles.

i'm looking forward to the many more memories to be made here this coming year. so far some favorite memories are the football games, water fights, pillow fights, long talks, similar standards, friends who are actually willing to give you rides places {legally...}, lazer-tagging, and so many other good memories...

like i love.

these muscled men, they're like moroni; and if that's not heaven being surrounded by them? i don't know what is. i love my new brothers here, i miss my old brothers from american heritage...but this is a different feeling all together, so it's not a replacement. it's just wonderful on it's own whole new level.

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