Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Little Fall of Rain

a good friend briefly sang this song to me once at lunch; we have so many things in common and i haven't changed anything about myself to fit him. i am still me, and that is what i love best about our friendship.

after he started singing it, later i started to hum it and kind of sing it under my was adorable the face he made as he leaned in closer quickly to hear me. silly boy (:

and then it's also days like that where we discuss the character Javert and the whole complexity of him. if you think hard about it, Jean Valjean is the simple one - but the moment you really think about Javert, he instantly seems ten times more complex. the fact that justice is so much a part of him that when shown mercy and the conflicting ideas take root within him, he commits suicide...first off, it makes you wonder why exactly did he kill himself, and then really? after having your life saved you're going to kill yourself anyway? like i said, complex character.

also something about this song, is that Marius does not love Eponine - he is madly in love with Cosette. yet it is still a love song...the love song of two friends who know that time is running out, yet they are at peace.

it's a beautiful thing, the love within a friendship. sometimes i can empathize so well with Eponine, she loves him but he doesn't love her in that way but they are still friends {I wonder...did Marius know about her feelings for him?} it's a story i believe many girls can and do relate to.

still...i am content. i hope you enjoy the song.

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