Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Love Story, among other titles.

sometimes i spend most of my day talking to a great friend while going to the same college seminars (college day today at SHHS) and finish it off by sitting down at a piano and playing together. sometimes i can't help but smile when he reveals that not only does he know jon schmidt's "tribute" but also can play one hand while i play the other. sometimes i come home knowing i should do my homework that is due tomorrow but can't stop thinking about it so i post anything i can...without being a silly romantic. sometimes i have really good days and am just...content with my life.

he tried to teach me the beginning of this one, what he'd figured out by ear, he's good at making some songs better than they were originally in fact i think i might actually like his "only hope" better than the originals...and i'm not being biased ;P

shocking to find someone who not only knew of my favorite of jon's songs {a lot of people i tell about it only know "waterfall" of his and definitely not this one} but he could play the beginning too! it made me so happy. (: if you could see me right now you'd see me beaming from ear-to-ear.



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