Thursday, September 29, 2011

"My Cup Runneth O'er"

Psalm 23

I am so very, very blessed. I have a friend who I can talk to and who talks to me, and who has very similar views as I do. I have a place to belong; friends who see me for who I really am and people who also see me for as great as I can and will be. I have a Bishop who trusts me and a family who for the most part is very stable now. I have friends who miss me and another friend who is finally {hopefully} finding their way back to Christ. I feel beautiful inside and out and I feel happy. Financially I know I will be okay, even if it is tough. I can help people's days go better by my choices to smile and be a friend and really...? What more could I ask for?

And even if "that one guy" doesn't like me back, I'm still content - because I know that I don't value him primarily for any physical attractions I have, but for who he is. He makes every day so much more worth smiling through, laughing about and not only enduring, but enjoying. Besides...I have to stick to my goal of taking care of my heart this year...remember?

I'm blessed to have had the experiences I have had, good and bad. If I hadn't, I would be who I am and I probably wouldn't be writing this right now, and that seems like a sad thought.

I have so many friends and blessings and...really, I don't know how life could get any better.

{cough...well...maybe if I had an A in AP Statistics...but that will come when I work harder at it...eeks!}

My Lord, my Shepherd truly is watching out for me. It seems like all the blessings promised to me are all just raining...pouring down on me right now. Friends, Family, Church, School, the past...everything seems to be reconciling itself within me. I've never felt so balanced, so in touch with that life and light source inside of me. I feel like the Kaylla that I always had to hide can finally come out. The Kaylla that I told Nicole once about, who couldn't shine. I feel all aglow...

and I feel blessed.
My cup truly runneth over.


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