Sunday, July 3, 2011

Pour Me Out

recently i've been listening a lot to the indie pop group whatever called "he is we". just thought i'd share a couple of my favorite songs by then - seeing as for once i have nothing to say. guess my thinking is just repeating itself recently, haha which makes my life pretty lame but oh well. you get music instead of rambling. {the audience cheers}

^ this one is the reason for the blog post title

oh and i have also been listening to mindly gledhill but mostly just these two are my favorites:

fav. line: just a little girl, a little girl with great big plans

fav. line: all the pennies in the wishing wells...could not make me love you any better

so yup...there's some music for ya {no this is not all the kind of music i listen fact just before i listened to all that "he is we" i was listening to tinie tempah. yah i'm surprised too.}



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