Saturday, July 30, 2011

i have a twitch in my hip.

it's killing me. driving me absolutely insane. it's feeding off of my complete boredom. i need a job. i need to not live so far away from everything in the middle of the desert. i need to do something. options? attempt to die hair with clothing bleach? says it won't work. set something on fire? hm...tempting but mother dearest might be upset when she gets home. try to fix my alarm clock? i don't do the impossible. run around the house laughing and screaming like a weirdo and see who notices? already did it today...and it gets tiring more than once in a day. stick a paperclip in electrical socket? no paperclips. fingerpaint? no one to spill paint on.

anyone want to do something with me? pretty sure i'm free. other than wednesday morning and next weekend; i'm pretty much...well i have a very blank schedule is all. come and visit! or give me your address so that if i can't come and stalk you; i can at least write you some lengthy snail mail.

completely bored? yes.

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