Saturday, July 30, 2011

7 things to change.

seven because it's a cool number and ten is too many. but seven? just right.

1.) stop using smiley faces (: to express how you are feeling. if your words don't say it, then change your words. and don't do "haha" either. words, words, words.

2.) think about other people. you are too focused on your own loneliness, lack of friends, boredom, life...whatever it is, its about you. make it about someone else. charity.

3.) have an irresistible tan by the beginning of school.

4.) get a job. anywhere.

5.) start saving 40% of your money for a digital camera. this also includes giving up hope of trying not to copy your siblings and their passions for photography. it's genetic, give up.

6.) correct your horrid boredom enticed addiction to facebook.

7.) wardrobe: drab and all comfortable to vintage and comfortable. and modest. always modest. and don't worry...wearing a skirt to school? guess what, after nine years in a uniform you already know it won't kill you.

due date: august 23, 2011.

good luck.


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