Monday, July 25, 2011

pms: beware of bloodthirsty women ahead.

{this post is not for the eyes of males. also not for girls under the age of 13.}

i'm pretty sure i'm about a day or two at most away from that time of month. and i'm pretty sure you did not want to know that but i feel like i need to defend my mood swings.

yesterday; i yelled "pan" {in context} at my mother because i was mumbling and she didn't understand me. i never ever yell at her. i'm the one who if i'm yelling - it's probably that time of month.
today: lilly walked into my room and i told her to get out. we have a strict policy that we always let each other into our rooms - its like an unspoken sister rule. i broke it. it's 1:36 in the afternoon and not only am i still in my american fork t-shirt that i've had since 8th grade {"hello"s to my surrogate brother brandan billz}, black lacrosse sweats, messy bun on top of my head, not showered, no makeup and still wearing the ugly orange bracelet on my left wrist. i'm not eating like a hog. i always eat. i'm never hungry. now i'm not hungry and i haven't eaten since about 9 am.

yah...moodiness, slobbiness, and lack of hunger mean it's that time.

and looking to my right...the fact that i still haven't made my bed and that my desk is literally covered in sticky- notes...yah... today hasn't been so good.

{prepare for next mood swing: 12 minutes and counting...}


don't ask your mother what pms is. i don't want another person mad at me. but just in case you don't's a hormone overdose once a month that causes girls to feel like two year-olds in diapers again, bloat, curl up in the fetal position on their bed because of wracking pains and a time when advil {or your selected choice of pain meds} are always on hand. it's a beautiful least that's what we're told.

but try telling that to the girl who now feels like someone left a knife in her gut. you try smiling through that. all she wants is for the noise, pain, and stupidity to stop. be careful...if she's the kind of person - she very well might tear your head off.

best course of action? walk away. no joke, just say "talk to ya later" and go.

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