Sunday, July 31, 2011

day four: consumed

today i ate a bowl of jell-o for breakfast. no cereal to go with the milk.

then in sunday school i had a cinnamon bun. sis. anderson you are the best.

when i got home i had another bowl of jell-o. it's a good comfort food.

for dinner i had slow cooked potatoes, pork and broccoli. it was delicious.

i drank water a lot today. water is generally good for you.

i might have a cookie once i am done writing this. midnight snacks are the best.


{post script} it's awkward telling you what i ate today. this 30-day challenge is awkward. it better not ask for my social security number. tomorrow's tidbit? my definition of love. this should be interesting. especially if i am as cynical as i feel right now. like i said: this should be interesting.

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