Saturday, June 18, 2011

Penny For My Thoughts?

Being sunburnt so badly that I can barely move may not be as bad as it sounds - not after you are done reading this post at least. So here goes. (My thoughts no judging me) ;)

I was lying on the living room couch
, watching a show I'd
recently heard about, I wanted to check it out - maybe you've heard of it? "Bones". yah, sounds like it might be sketchy, another one of those CSI kind of shows - sometimes pretty gruesome. In the episode I watched, the main character (who is nicknamed "Bones" because of her intense knowledge of everything bone and body related) is given a case in which the person she is trying to find out how she died - is a mirror of her own self.

Found dead under a tree - dead for about six months, the anonymous woman is a workaholic, same height, similar profession, the skeleton is wearing the same ring that Bones wears (a dolphin), and similar lifestyles just all around. Then she sees a picture of the victim, once they have identified her enough...and the her own self. Bones is the woman.

Through a series of events she solves the case because she is so much alike to the victim. My favorite parts in the episode are when she is talking to Mikey, the night-shift security guard - and he is talking gibberish Latin and Bones although super controlling and almost autistic in her mannerisms, can actually understand him. (Autistic people take things very literally, so to mix and jumble words with Latin, and Latin sounding words - that would probably really mess with her head)

Mikey tells a story or gives an example though that I found really...interesting. There was a study done/experiment where some people were given glasses that made them see the world upside down. After three days, still wearing the upside-down glasses - their vision flipped and they could see everything right-side up. After their vision flipping, they took the upside-down glasses off, only to see the world upside-down again! After three days, their vision returned to normal.

It's so...interestingly thrilling to wonder about the same amount of time in the flipping and the very fact that it flipped at all! Our brain is so...temporary. It can adjust to the smallest changes of life. Maybe that is why, with time we all adjust to the circumstances given to us - we come to an acceptance; and even those that never accept the changes in their lives, they accept that they never will accept them. Or can't.

Small children who become blind, adults that become paralyzed, teenagers with broken hearts, the birth of a child, the death of a parent or close always goes one, doesn't it?

Another thing from this episode that I really liked was when a friend of Bones' is talking about death. (Paraphrasing) he says that - we are not afraid of death, we are afraid that no one will remember us; that we will simply disappear. Isn't that so true? We all want to make a difference in the world. We all want to know that our death would make someone sad, or move another to action, or that our LIFE caused someone to take hope in their own. We say that we hate change, that it is difficult, but death - the biggest of changes isn't feared because of it's ending - it's feared because we don't know the Change that we have brought about.

Irony...the fear of change, and the fear of no change. Ha!

Also - another side thought. "The best catches are the ones that get away". What? At first I thought - uhh...that's way stupid. (Wow - I know, I'm so judgmental) but then...wait for it...I took a second to Think about it. Wow Kaylla. Wow. ;)

But now you can think about it - how good of an escape artist is that? That really is amazing, if they escape from being captive, that is one of the embodiments of strength. The best fish we caught was the one that got away. First of all, since we never got to taste it's deliciousness, we will always assume that it is the one that would have tasted the best, thus the one that always get's away is the best. The WWII veterans in prison camps - the best catch is the one that got away...because we never hear the story of the ones that died, do we. (Sorry if that thought is at all disrespectful, not meant to be).

So that's all the thoughts I had. Ha. I'm done thinking for one day. ;) (yah...if you've read my blog before - you know that I hardly ever stop thinking. Unlike those...weirdos who when you ask them what they are thinking they say "nothing". ugh.) so - just kidding.

Oh! Actually - just another thought. I kind of wonder if I blocked my facebook status to everyone but one person and then addressed them in it, if they would respond. To see if they read my statuses. I think it'd be a cool way to see who actually reads your statuses, and who just skips over them to get to the next one, their other friends who are more important at the moment. A test of priority, a test of importance to others. What is that called...the word where you want to know that you mean something to other people? Not self-importance...

Validation! That's it :) yah - we all want to be validated. I wonder if it would work :)

Isn't there a video on youtube about that...? Hm.


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