Saturday, September 18, 2010

My Very Own Rainbow

At eight o'clock exactly this morning my mom called me out of my very warm and cozy bed saying "Kaylla! We have our very own rainbow!"

Confused and still partly asleep I rolled partway out of bed then grasped to find the ladder down from my bunk without opening my eyes. I walked halfway down our stairs when I saw it - just a small square of color splashed there as if the dyes had suddenly changed their mind and no longer wanted to be brown anymore. It was so . . . simple and beautiful. Like God wanted to start my day off right. Well it did. Today I'm looking for those abnormalties in this world which make it worth living - just for them and nothing else.

Like just outside my window . . . there's a pavilion and in the mornings there are always puddles from the sprinklers . . . but they're silver blue in the morning light and look like portals to whole new worlds.

Now every morning before school starts or at 8 o'clock exactly I'll be thinking of my little rainbow . . . and the rest of the day will be my own making.

Nothing can get in the way of someone who believes that they are the only person stopping them from fulfilling their dreams. And when you want to be yourself in front of lots of people - just do it. Nobody cares! except you and you only care because you think THEY do.

So make this the day you begin your trail of freedom.


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