Monday, August 23, 2010

Sorry to Vent :(

Who was I talking to yesterday . . . that I talked to about liking who your family likes etc . . . gosh . . . Sunday . . . Maddy? McKell? GOSH I'll never know - such a bad memory; anyway - so I was talking about how I would never marry someone that my family didn't like, and they said something about marrying who you love nevermind if your family hates them, they should work on loving who you love - and that sounds right. right?

But I guess you could say that I don't think my brother's girlfriend is the right one for him. I think she's nice. Oh Gosh! hhmmmmm I think I just remembered . . . who . . . it was . . . I was talking to . . . maybe it was my dream. Oh well. :D ANYWAY - so yeah I think his girlfriend is a sweet sweet girl, but she's not the right . . . caliber I guess you could say for him. She's too - lenient. My brother needs someone who can lead out as well. He's always been a leader - he needs someone who can handle that kind of a character. She's nice and fun and whatever. But she can also be kind of . . . snobbish? But in a quiet way. Maybe it's just something another girl can pick up because he doesn't notice or maybe it's just between me and her.

I doubt she likes me either though. I made a comment about teeth I think it was once and her answer - gosh it made me feel like she was laughing at me.

Maybe I'm just venting. Well - I should stop, because that's not my place to do in a public place - anyway. :) I just think that if you're close to your family then the one you love and marry should and would fit in too.

Lots of love!


PS - the above pic is my fav. "romantic" picture. I like how it's almost like a hello and a goodbye all in one - definition of romance I think. "A picture is worth a thousand words" right? right.

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