Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Upsides to the Downsides

so in an effort to be more...content with this lonely new life my parents have created for me - i've kind of made a mental list of things that are really nice about this place.

1) i'm far enough away that really, i only see people if i want to see them.

2) with no neighbors so close (townhomes: sharing walls and all) i can not only play my music from my speakers with that brilliant bass (aw yeeeah) as LOUD as it can go without bothering anyone but my family, but i can also play my piano as late at night as i want

3) with so many hills - riding my bike and running will certainly keep me in shape.

4) American Heritage gave my my transcript without any hassle so i should be able to register for school next tuesday...hopefully (and i'm thinking they will - cross your fingers) that they will accept it and hopefully i can find another place in this world

5) seeing as i kind of dropped off of planet american fork aka home, there are absolutely no ties to my old life - i wont be "haunted" by memories haha; which means hopefully i will just forget about some people until i get mission farewell invites (haha...if they remember...didn't remember last time...) ugh. the sooner i forget and busy my mind with other people, the BETTER.

6) i've never been so close to my family as i am right now...sometimes it feels kind of weird, because who i'd become clashes with who they still are, but it's good for me. healthy.

7) no more uniforms to school .... (: i wonder how that will feel after 9 years...

8) the beauty out here is inspiring, and although i haven't found much to DO yet - there's plenty to LOOK at. i will probably go exploring one of these evenings when my parents stop finding things for me to do.

9) this concludes my list.......with so much time to think and be alone recently, i've been able to think through a lot of my mistakes from last school year, and i've got game plans on how not to be so idiotic next school year: better friends (real ones), no boys, reality over fantasy, humor over embarrassment - just to say a few. over all i want to be more like my friend kaytlyn (haha if you read this then yes - you are my hero/role model whatever)

here's to a new life.

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