Friday, February 3, 2012

do your fingers have calluses?

my best friend is teaching me how to play the guitar.

i love it.

my fingers were raw a few days ago, and now? they are callused.

just like he said they would be.

gotta love a man like him. so honest.

not gonna lie, washing my hair in the mornings is weird

one hand has calluses and the other does not.

i feel like i may be slightly handicapped,

but then i remember that no, i am not handicapped - merely blessed

speaking of handicaps and blessings

i talked to this guy in my study hall today, he was the sweetest.

he's one of the special ed kids at my school. he slurred his name

but he was reading Da Vinci Code, and I am reading Princess Bride.

we were instant friends

and it was lovely.

life is lovely.

now excuse me while i go and play THIS SONG on my guitar

the guitar which i tuned myself

and now, if i press really hard and play slowly - does not buzz

{did you read that Seth? it doesn't buzz as much anymore!}

i know. i'm way too happy about that.

i know the chords D, A, G, C and a form of the B.

and i'm writing my own song.

yes, i am quite happy.

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