Saturday, October 15, 2011

Clean Your Room!!!

the blessings and upsides to having a clean bedroom:

1. you can find your poster markers when your YW's leader asks you to make a sign for her

2. your dad doesn't give you the "you know what i'm going to ask you to do today" look followed by continued comments about nuclear warfare in that part of the house.

3. there is no need to bring out the hazmat suits and blowtorches!

4. you can dance around your room to your music without tripping on the long rectangular thing hidden beneath a pile of clothes.

5. doing your homework may actually be enjoyable in such an environment

6. when in dying pain and curled into a ball once a month your mom or sister don't have to search as hard to find your lovely rice bag.

7. strange bugs who sneak into your home in wintertime have a hard time hiding from your healthy wrath.

8. when in a happy mood, you don't have to feel pulled down by the clutter.

9. you have something to write about in your blog of rambling like this.

10. your life is a life of order. really. if your room is clean, you'd be surprised at how your mood will be affected, changed...uplifted...etc.

so people. clean your bedrooms, houses...and stuff. you will not regret it.

if you do tell me your reasons so i can add to my arguments against clean rooms to show to my own dad.

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