Saturday, September 10, 2011

it's coming...

yes, that's right. homecoming.

today i got my dress. it's purple. it's also not really mine, i'm borrowing it from megan. i got new shoes though. they are beautiful. and i'm also exhausted.

who would have thought that kaytlyn had a shoe fetish? i never thought the day would come when i saw her fawning and hear her tell me that she has nearly 20 pairs {i barely have...five?} yah, seriously. this girl is rougher than me and yet she bought the same pair of shiny satin shoes i did, for one dress. it's really kind of a funny thought, to me at least.

anyhow. i got shoes, a dress, a nifty little purse thingy and we're celebrating my brother's birthday tomorrow. got to talk to a couple friends today. spent some time with kaytlyn today...that was awesome, i've really missed her (:

i've had some worries about an old friend...not sure what to do about it though, she won't talk to me and her brother sounds concerned to. hopefully someday she'll know that i love and care for her, i don't always agree with where she's going in life, but i love her.

yup...that's all that's been on my mind. love you all and



{post script:} no pictures because you're going to have to wait till after homecoming...when the real stuff is all done and whatnot. ;P

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ReallyShawn said...

Wait, Kaytlyn bought those same silver shoes you got for homecoming? Bahaha! Apparently once she starts buying high heels she can't stop. :P
And you didn't know about her shoe fetish? It's bizarre, I tell you. Bizarre.